Picnic Restaurant at East Village New York

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Picnic Restaurant is a traditional American restaurant located in 117 2nd Avenue, New York. It is conveniently nestled in East Village corner. The restaurant boasts a warm interior with an inviting glow that attracts not only the residents and workers in this bustling neighborhood, but also from other borroughs as well. Picnic’s floor-to-ceiling windows offer an unobstructed view of the wooden tables and antique filing cabinets that make for a rustic and warm interior.

As for the food offerings, Picnic has a rather playful menu that is made up of Between the Bun options and more conceptualized main entrees. This allows Picnic both as a gourmet burger joint and a highly-sophisticated farm-fresh restaurant depending on how customers order.

Food reviews recommend to avoid small plates such as the macaroni and cheese. Picnic specializes on side dishes, and so you’ll want to save room for dishes like their pickled veggies and sweet potato casserole.

Main entrees include half roasted chicken and duck breast that are both rich and moist. These dishes are enhanced by accouterments like juicy pork belly, braised collared greens, and creamy corn grits.

Picnic also features a rather impressive dessert menu featuring different sweets depending on the time of the year. Their selection generally changes on a regular basis.

Picnic Restaurant at East Village is perfect for group dining. They have a wide selection of beers and wines on the menu as well.